Help for using the web interface

1st step: Registration

(if you haven't registered on this site this year)

The user ID and password required for login will be sent to the email address you provided during registration. If you have previously registered, you can log in with the user ID and password you received via email, or with the password already changed by the competitor.

Registration can be done here at by selecting the motor / car category and clicking Competitor Registration form. The form that appears should fill out all the details - obviously. Upon successful registration, the user ID and password will be sent to the email address you entered.

By clicking on one of the links below, you will automatically be taken to the registration form:


ATTENTION For those competing in both the motor and car categories, they will need to complete two separate registrations, so they will have two different user IDs. The password can still be the same (if changed by the competitor. In normal conditions, the password are randomly generated).

2nd step: Logging in

You can log in with user ID and password.

For NEWLY registered users

Newly registered users must fill in all data on the interface. Once logged in, an information box alerts you to missing information and guides you through the fill process.

for FIA riders: Technical Passport and for T2: Homologization Number

For PREVIOUSLY registered users

Users who have previously registered and filled in the data should also check the information provided. Of course, you can also edit your data under Record/Modify data.

You can add, record, and modify data by clicking Save Data or + sign at the bottom of each interface that opens from each menu item.

3rd step: Applying for Competition / Raif of the Champions 2019

(as described above, after entering, verifying, and correcting all of the data)

- Click on Raif of the Champions 2019 in Applying for Competition to start applying for the Competition. The previously entered data will be displayed here and can be corrected in Record/Modify data menu!

- At the beginning of the application interface you can select the championship, class, category.

- If the user has entered multiple vehicles, SOS or TEAM contacts, he / she can always select the current one from the drop-down list.

- Once the data has been verified, it is possible to enter some mandatory and optional information at the bottom of the webpage (e.g. use of on-board camera, hotel and billing information).

IMPORTANT! Before you click on the Generate Application Form button, you will need to verify all the details, as after you submit your application and generate the PDF, the data can only be accessed and modified by contacting the organizer.

Please send the printed and signed entry form to the email address with the proof of transfer, as well as the copy of the denominator license, racing license(s), starting permission(s), driving license(s), registration of the vehicle and the vehicle insurance.

If there is any further question, the customer service team will be happy to assist you.